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22  Seeing Through Toy C0mmercials
12   Presenter, FYSE 138/FYSS 101 The Art & Science of Resilience, College of Charleston, Charleston SC

31  I was a presenter on the webinar sponsored by Media & Information Literacy in India organization
28 I was a panelist on “Let’s Talk Media Literacy” sponsored by the Colorado Virtual Library and Colorado Department of Education
21 Picturing The Pandemic: my latest blogpost at MiddleWeb
21  I hosted Presidential Debates & Commercials: What Students Need To Know, a webinar for the SC Council for the Social Studies
19  I co-hosted “Visualizing The Trump Presidency” webinar, archived here
14,16  I hosted  two “Helping Students Better Judge the Credibility of Information” webinars for the Writing Improvement Network
10  I hosted a webinar for educators participating in Project Citizen on media literacy and research skills for students.

I was a panelist on Media & Democracy: Time For A Reset (webinar)
Blogpost: Use Print & TV Ads As Informational Texts (Middleweb)
I presented Media Literacy to the Clemson (SC) Sertoma club via webinar
I presented a webinar on media literacy in a fake news world for the Tree of Life (Columbia SC)
Columbia Metropolitan Magazine interviewed me for this article.

I was the keynote speaker for  the international webinar “Media Literacy: Critical Thinking for the Information Age,” hosted by the Prestige Institute for Management & Research, Indore India (July 30)

My blogpost, “Media Literacy: Teaching Kids About Political Ads” was published July 30 at

My topic “Media Literacy as A Lens to Media Coverage”  examined media coverage of Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement, during a webinar for the South Carolina Council of African American Studies.  (July 28)

Here is a Zoom, with my new colleague from Bangalore, India, in which we discuss media literacy (for students) and deconstruct a print ad and some commercials.

Video As Witness/Historian/Primary Source (Middleweb)

From June 2 until  July 14, I  hosted a virtual book club with Ohio librarians who read “Close Reading The Media.”

I co-hosted the Magazine Media Literacy Webinar with Renee Hobbs; archived here.

MediaLiteracyNow posts my column about efforts to pass a medialiteracy law here
SC ETV posted my blog: Why Verfication Skills Are Important for Students
I hosted the webinar MEDIA LITERACY SKILLS FOR ALL STUDENTS, sponsored by SC-ETV

Why Media Literacy Is Important in Science Classrooms (MiddleWeb)
I was interviewed by the ALA’s Intellectual Freedom Blog:  Fake News, State Standards, Media Literacy

I was a participant at  the 4 SCASL regional meetings of school librarians. I keynoted in the morning on media literacy and fake news and in the afternoon I conducted concurrent sessions demonstrating my approach to incorporating media literacy into instruction.

I was interviewed for the post: The State of Media Literacy Education (2/19)

Education Week makes note of SC’s efforts to strengthen media literacy (2/13)

Verification: The #1 Vocabulary Word for 2020 (Middleweb blogpost)

I testified (February 5) before the SC House Education Subcommitee in support of HB 4673

NCTE published my post on its blog about films based on true stories

I was quoted in two Education Week stories: Making Current Events Connections to Lessons and
Fake News is Everywhere, But Students Can Be Taught To Spot It

Social Media Influencers: Who Can You Trust? (Middleweb)

I joined Rep. Seth Rose to speak to Fox Carolina on the media literacy measure

MediaLiteracyNow releases report on media literacy law effort in 50 states

I was interviewed by WSPA TV (Spartanburg) about the media literacy measure
I was quoted in THE STATE newspaper about a new media literacy bill in SC
I was mentioned in this School Library Journal article on immigrants, fake news

I was interviewed for Why Is Media Literacy Important?

Help Your Students Read/Analyze Political Campaign Ads (Middleweb)

I conducted three presentations September 27 at the annual conference of the SC Council of the Social Studies, in Greenville SC.  1) Presidential Debates & Commercials: What Students Should Know; 2)  Stories of Survival: A New Website Resource for Holocaust Teachers; 3) Introducing “Portraits of America: Democracy on Film.”

Frank Baker Receives International Media Literacy Recognition

Help Students Get Smart about those ‘Smart Pills’ (MiddleWeb)

August   I was quoted in this EdWeek blogpost (August 24) “We Need To Teach Our Students To Be Smart Consumers of Information”

Real Media Literacy: Spotting A Fake News Story (Middleweb)

July Deconstruct A Fake News Website

June Teach The Techniques of Media Manipulators 

May Teaching Visual Literacy: Images & Propaganda (Middleweb)

April Visual & Media Literacy: Campaign Optics (Middleweb)

March Media literacy Meets Congressional Testimony (MiddleWeb)

February  Location, location, location: The role of poli-optics in presidential campaign announcements

I was quoted in: In A Meme Culture, How To Spark Critical Thinking About Movies (School Library Journal)
Visual Literacy & The Movies (School Library Journal)


Teaching Media Literacy With Super Bowl Ads (MiddleWeb)
Using Numbers In The News To Boost & Engage Students in Media Literacy (Middleweb)

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