Frank W. Baker presenting at a media literacy workshop

MLC’s mission is to assist K-12 educators who want to:

  • Teach standards that include non-print, media texts
  • Learn more about media literacy
  • Integrate it into classroom instruction
  • Help students read the media
  • Help students become more media aware
  • Locate appropriate resources

The Media Literacy Clearinghouse was created by educator Frank W. Baker in response to a need.

At the time, 1998, there was no one central place, on the Internet, where educators could go and locate appropriate resources for teaching about media and media literacy.  With that in mind, Baker created the Media Literacy Clearinghouse.  It has received rave reviews. Read educators’ testimonials here.

He created original material which has proven popular with educators and students.

The website continues to evolve and Baker adds new material almost daily.

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