JULY 2004
July 27 Teen Viewing Study; download the study
July 27 US Lawmakers attack videogames (story)
July 15 revised math in the media website; added Ad Analysis Worksheet on Media/Politics
July 14 Harvard's Kids Risk Project issues report on movie ratings
July 12 Proj for Excellence in Journalism releases Character & The Campaign study
July 12 revamped Media/Smoking website unveiled
July 9 FTC Followup Report on Hollywood marketing of violence to teens 
  Report  New website
July 8  Report: Teens Seeing Too Many Magazine Alcohol Ads
July 8 posted redesign of Media/Politics webpage
July 6 Parents Fail to Limit Exposure to TV Violence-Study
July 2 Study on TV & Obesity; Study on video games & obesity

JUNE 2004
June 26 Study: Crude Language, Sex References Rise in Reality TV
June 22 Partnership for 21st Century Skills issues new recommendations
Read Press Release
June 9  Digital TV & Children (reports)
June 8  Pew Study: News audiences increasingly politicized 
June 7 Pediatrics study on young kids and computer use
Posted Harry Potter deconstruction article and activity on movie posters
Posted book review of Edward R. Murrow & The Birth of Broadcast Journalism