MARCH 2004 Archive of Whats New?

3/31  posted April Fool's Spaghetti Harvest video
Just posted:  The Influence of Media Violence on Youth: published Dec.2003 in "Psychological Science In The Public Interest"

March 19
Three Out of Four Americans Have Access to the Internet
March 18  Video games, not TV, linked to obesity in kids, study

March 15 Academic Quarterly Spring 2004 issue on Media Literacy
March 15 Magazine Circulation Solutions, special report
March 15  "The State of The News Media 2004" Project for Excellence in Journalism; headlines
March 9  Study Faults Media Coverage of Weapons of Mass Destruction
March 9  Anti Tobacco Researcher Calls for R Rating When Movies Show Tobacco; see SMOKING
March 9  Study: Underage Youth Have Easy Access to Alcohol Web Sites
March 8  Study: People use media twice as much as they think they do;
Full study
March 4  Bush Re-election unveils campaign ads, see Media/Politics
AIDS at 21: Media Coverage of the HIV Epidemic (March-April CJR)