31 Survey Finds First Amendment is left behind in US Schools; news story
31 KFF Issue Brief: The Effects of Electronic Media on Children Ages Zero to Six: A History of Research

30  Teens not so web savvy; study shows some not as web literate as parents
Children's TV fears a funding flap after "Buster"
Gays are closeted on kids' TV

28  Do you ever wonder what we DON'T know?  Third pundit paid by Bush Administration

27  Survey says web users are confused over search engines results, ads

26  Another Journalist admits being paid by Bush

I participated in an education panel discussion on Wednesday in Charleston SC at the NETA Annual conference
21st Century Skills: The Increasing Role of Media in the Nation's Classrooms was presented to
representatives of education departments of PBS stations and related agencies.
There is lots of interest in media education among the PBS community. 

23 Late night talk show host Johnny Carson died at age 79 of emphysema. Carson hosted NBC's "The Tonight Show"
for 30 years. I had the good fortune of being in the audience with my parents one night back in 1979. Just
our luck, for on that night Johnny came into the audience to play "Stump The Band." USA Today's coverage

21 FCC Chair Powell signals intention to resign

19 Food guidelines: ads need to go easy on kids

17 Measuring literacy in a world gone digital

Women's magazines downplay smoking risks
full report

Food Industry Has a resolution too

Critics: Bush's PR was Propaganda

16 All the President's Newsmen (OpEd)

14 FCC to probe legality of pundit's deal (see Jan.6)


12  Kraft Foods to limit junk food advertising:  Several links: Kraft PR  Mediapost
LA Times see also Food Ads category

10  CBS axes newspeople after Memogate investigation release (note: report is 234 pages); 
; Columbia Journalism Review's How CBS' critics blew it; A Setback for a Network, And the Mainstream Media
sample of editorial cartoons; Rather Unconvinced Memos Are Fake

7 CSPI calls for Nutrition Standards and Curbs on TV Advertising, Movie Tie-Ins, School-based Marketing 
and Other Tactics for Selling Junk Food to Children (PRGuidelines)

6 White House paid commentator to promote NCLB law
Reaction: Propaganda/Williams deal defines a new low; 'Payola punditry' has no place in serious journalism

Obesity As a media issue: report
3 Posted new section on media coverage of Tsunami disaster     

2 Pew Study of the state of blogging