23-25   I was pleased to be among those in attendance at “Rebooting The News.” Temple University
was the host for this three day event which has just adjourned. (read School Library Journal’s preview)
Participants came from journalism, news, education and activism, just to name a few. Among the highlights
(to me) was hearing details of the new News Literacy course at Stony Brook University, Long Island NY.
(There is a brief explanatory video available at here). The developer of that course, Howard Schneider,
spoke at the event on Friday morning, and according to what I saw/heard, what his students are going
through is rigorous. This is not about journalism education, but rather education for all. Working groups
had lengthy discussions about what this might look like in American schools and why all of this is critical.
Another News Literacy project is just getting started: details here.


17-18 I enjoyed meeting some wonderful folks during the Gateway (St. Louis)
Media Literacy Partners media literacy week. (Details in this story in the WU student newspaper.)
On Friday, I participated in a morning panel discussion with Webster University media lit professor
Art Silverblatt and former Governor Bob Holden. At noon time, I delivered a keynote address on
The Role of Media In Politics–an historical look which included excerpts from my new book:
Political Campaigns and Political Advertising: A Media Literacy Guide. Saturday, I conducted a
hands-on, interactive workshop for educators. I really enjoyed my time in St Louis and look forward to returning.

Teaching media literacy to kids. Link

5-11  National Newspaper Week: Resources, Activities & Ideas from NCTE

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October 2008


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