23 Magazine ads send mixed messages (study)

22 Helping kids see through celebrity

21 The USC College of Library & Information Science
accepted a large portion of my collection of media literacy resources-
to be housed at the SC State Library; a complete list of the resources,
available to students and teachers, will be available soon

17 Study: Violent TV may cost kids friends

10 redesigned Advertising-1 website;
added recommended curriculum to News

6 Center for Media & Democracy’s investigation into TV Station’s VNR Use
(news story; link to report )

5 TODAY show’s Katie Couric announces
she will become CBS Evening News anchor
(coverage); ABC’s Meredith Vieira to replace her

4 Media & Children, special issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

3 Newsweek Cover story: Putting the “we” in Web

How American use their cell phones (Pew study)

3 Sexy media a siren call to promiscuity (Pediatrics:Study website)

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