Life in the Media Age – From 1978 to 2003

July 30 added To Kill A Mockingbird viewing guide to front page
July 24 Born to Be Wired: Understanding the First Wired Generation
36 page report

July 24 New Report Critical of Local TV Station Campaign Coverage
July 23 see TV shows for details of VH1 series 200 Pop Culture Icons;
House votes to overturn FCC vote on new media merger rules
July 14 new items added to Smoking Activity; Alcohol ads; Product Placement; Sports & Advertising
July 13 updated the list of recommended Articles about media literacy
July 10  unveiled new category: Media Criticism

JUNE 2003
June 28-July 1 National Media Ed Conference 2003
June 29  National Telemedia Council publishes text “Visions/Revisions- Moving Forward with Media Education,” a compendium of 16 articles written by noted American and international media educators.
June 25 AOL TW Foundation releases survey on need for 21st century literacy skills
June 2  As expected, the FCC voted 3-2 to relax media ownership rules in the US. See editorial cartoons here.

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