2005: May

In These Times (May 2005) special issue on the media

This month, I began contributing a media literacy column to the SC State Department of Education, Literacy Links monthly newsletter.

31 Ex FBI agent confirms he was “Deep Throat”- source of information for Watergate Wash. Post era reporters-reaction


24 Public and Press Differ About Partisan Bias, Accuracy and Press Freedom
USA Today story; Study PR

23 Women Are Still Missing as Sources for Journalists (study)

20 Did a report in NEWSWEEK set off a wave of deadly anti-American riots in Afghanistan?; TIME: When a story goes terribly wrong;
NYT: Big News Media Join in Push to Limit Use of Unidentified Sources

18 Tobacco still in PG13 films (study)

17 created link to Media Reform conference news

Study: Blogs haven’t displaced media

May 23 issue of THE NATION devoted to radio issues (online May 6)

8 added list of media blogs in news about media

5 Added Semiotics section to front page

2 American Academy of Pediatrics study of PG rated films- news story; link to Pediatrics study

Asian Americans under represented on TV (news story; study)