Resources and links for Frank Baker’s SCASL 2015 Pre-Conference

Close Reading of Media Texts (webpage)   Close Reading (PowerPoint)

References to Media in Common Core ELA
References to Media in 2015 SC ELA Standards (draft)
Link to complete 2015 ELA standards
Link to VPA Media Art/Media Literacy Standards
Link to Frank’s Support Document for Media Literacy in Art Standards
Media References in SC Standards for Social Studies, Health, Arts

Link to SDE Lesson Plan template
Link to Frank’s Film Lesson Plan Using SDE Template

Other lesson plans to peruse:
Deconstructing a TV Commercial
Movie Trailers As Persuasive Texts
TV Toy Commercials: How They Influence Kids
Is Seeing Believing? (Visual literacy; digital alteration of images)
Analyzing Tobacco Ads
Compare & Contrast Magazine Covers (handout)
Twitter: Photo, Media, Writing Activity

Frank’s Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Frank’s Books
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