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2016 Presidential Candidates-Magazine Covers


Analyze and Deconstruct A Magazine Cover
Pictured here are a number of recently published  magazine covers featuring candidates running in 2016 for President of The United States. The covers can be used to engage students in a “visual literacy” deconstruction.  We might remind students that each cover started out blank–an editorial team working with a graphic designer collaborated to decide what goes on the cover. They must also consider what will attract the reader and sell. If you or your students have never analyzed magazine covers, this website, Secrets of Magazine Cover Design, is a good place to get started.  (Also, the Center for Media Literacy’s webpage offers some good suggestions on how to help students deconstruct a magazine cover.)

DOWNLOAD: Questions for Students To Consider While Analyzing a Magazine Cover
SAMPLE: Magazine Cover & Questions for Students

Each cover (below) represents a larger section: click on the cover to go to that section. Once there, individual covers can be seen in larger versions: simply hover your cursor over the ones which are hyperlinked.

Donald Trump (photos)
new people mag
Donald Trump (illustrations)
trump the week cover
Trump with others
(illustrations)trump et all rolling stone


Hillary Clinton (photos)
Hillary Clinton (illustration)hillary week cover Trump vs Clinton
economist mag


Bernie Sanders (photos)
new republic bernie
Bernie Sanders (illustrations)
BEST Bernie THE WEEK Cover
Sanders vs Clinton
(photos and illustrations)hillary vs bernie rolling stone


Ted Cruz (photos)
ted cruz on time
Ted Cruz (illustration)
ted cruz illustration
Ted Cruz & Others
cruz and others photo



Various Candidates (illustrations)
national review cage match


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