Post 2016 election covers (click images to enlarge)
Advice for analyzing/deconstructing covers here.

    Image result for trump magazine covers Image result for new republic october 2018 Image result for trump magazine coversImage result for trump magazine coversImage result for trump magazine coversImage result for trump magazine covers Image result for conservative magazine covers Image result for vsd magazine february 2018  Image result for trump magazine cover   Image result for trump magazine covers         trump time mag photo  20170331-AmRiflemanApril2017-415x600  trumpphtoxUUAAgjqo  portugal  nyt cover  trum photo  trump photo weeklystandard  trump invest mag  trump film mag(1)  888737_98_csm-cover_standard  March-17-cover trump photo cover trump vip 001_ami307_cover-1  trum photomrs Ripon-Forum-February-2017-cover-1-768x997  trum photo cover  51m7LHeNgVL._AC_UL320_SR246,320_ another gmern phototrum photo  sm dvholst ytump phoyowi17_cover-295x430 trump photo german2376bbcbdbf9268c68a2 trump photo csmonitor  trump cover photofirstnews555 Police-Magazine-January-2017 broadcatsing_n  trump-inauguration-cover trump photo trump washingtonina  trum-photo147_cover_1000px  right-cover  Trump photo Magazine_Cover,_Dec_2016 trum-photon  636166966872092727-afp-afp-iv67d  trump-photo-private-eye   trump-thialand-photo11nov  trum-photo_112416_cover  nikkei-trump-photoasian-review_21112016   trump-italy   cover-2016-12-05 trump-russian-cover  5d92278e-18f4-4dfa-a46f-1aa7af3f3288-3668-000002b091fb1125_tmp  us_tec2016mth11ed263_s trump-mcleans trumpthisweek  india-magadweekrump-cover-01-2016 trump-photo barrons-photo-cover  stranger-phototrump-cover-liberation  UPF-112116-student-p01timefinal-election-cover  trump-newsweek   donald-trump-cover-2000  newsweek2016

Pre Election Covers
trump photo nov   trump-photo-newsweek  newsweek    ny-mag-loser   trump-mcleans   trump-photo  trump-photo   magazine-tatler-russia-october-2016-melania-trump-unopened
nov-dec-photo140-cover-color-1000px   trump-charisma-mag    life_autumn16_cover_landscape-410x275       newseek-trump-photo    trump newsweek cover  trump photo   trump cover photo   trump photo covers   trump wash month   trump photo  trump photo  commentary trump photo  trump photo cover  TRUMP FORTUNE510_top1   trump cq photo trump time cover 3 trump esquire trump pn hollywood reportercrop this one  strump-iphoto-l1600trump-cover2newsweek trump covertrump businessweektrump-time magcover us weekly trump photo  Layerslider-Issue-44trump forward 2  forward trump cover  new people mag   trump greece  trump france  trump german cover trump panoramatrump chronicles 2 Image result for trump magazine covers
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