Teachers: download this page of questions (or copy & paste) as a handout for students to consider as they choose a magazine cover for analysis and deconstruction.

– make a list of all of the images; how is the candidate represented; misrepresented?

–  how is an appearance on a cover considered “free media”?

– who is the audience  for each publication?

– who owns the periodical; does the owner have a political bias/viewpoint/perspective?
how would you know?

– is the cover complimentary to the candidate(s) or not?

– is it effective when the “cover line” is a question? Does it make you want to find the answer?

– how are font, color, composition, and layout used to appeal to readers?

– how do the words relate to the image and vice-versa?

– what does the candidate’s body language and/or expression reveal?

– why do some covers use photos while others use illustrations or photo/illustrations?
what’s the difference?

– if you were to recreate the cover, what would you do differently and why?

– who benefits from your purchase of a magazine/periodical?

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