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Department of Public Instruction


Language Arts

5th Grade
The learner will use print and non-print media to persuade an audience.

Competency Goal 2
The learner will apply strategies and skills to comprehend
text that is read, heard, and viewed.

Competency Goal 3
The learner will make connections through the use of oral language,
written language and media and technology.
3.04 Make informed judgments about television, radio, video/film productions, and other electronic mediums and/or formats.
3.07 Make informed judgments about:

  • bias.
  • propaganda.
  • stereotyping.
  • media techniques.

Social Studies

It is the responsibility of the teacher to integrate information acquisition skills so that students develop and refine questioning skills and use those skills within the K-12 social studies content sequence to make direct observations, interview people, and seek information from a variety of sources.


Health Living Curriculum

Grade Level 4
3.6 analyzing advertising for health related products

Grade Level 6
6 Substance Abuse

6.1 Evaluating advertising for tobacco and alcohol

Grade Level 8

1.06 Explain how media can model both positive and negative health behaviors.

3.07 Evaluate accuracy and significance of media reports of health and medical research.

5.05 Identify media and peer pressures for unhealthy weight control through eating disorders, fad dieting, excessive exercise, and smoking.

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