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Language Arts

Curricular Standards for Listening/View/Speaking

Standard 1 Reading
Benchmark 4
15. distinguishes between fact and opinion, and recognizes propaganda , bias, stereotypes,
in various types of appropriate level texts.

(January 2000)

Standard: Communicators effectively use and create media products for a variety of audiences, purposes, occasions, and contexts.

Benchmark 1: The effective communicator is knowledgeable about various methods that can be used to create spoken and visual products.

Benchmark 2: The effective communicator is creates single media and multimedia products.

Benchmark 3. The effective communicator uses appropriate content for purpose, audience, occasion, and content.

Social Studies

US History
Benchmark 5
Indicator 5

Evaluates how WWII influenced the homefront (i.e. role of women, government, minorities, popular media, conscientious objectors)

Benchmark 6
Indicator 8

Explains the US involvement in the Vietnam War from a variety of perspectives (e. g. social, political, economic, military, media subculture)


May 2007 update

Standard 4
The student will analyze the influence of culture, media, technology and other factors on health

5th-8th grade
Benchmark 2
The student will describe how media influences the selection of health information and products.

9th-12 grade
Benchmark 1
The student evaluate the influences of media
and technology on health.

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