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Pop music packed with drug and alcohol references

The Fifth Element of Hip Hop (Understand Media)

Teaching Hip-Hop in the classroom (NCTE)

Song Lyrics as Texts to Develop Critical Literacy

Music Marketing Special Report

Recommended  periodicals:
Billboard   The Fader    FMQB     Inside Radio    Radio Ink    Rolling Stone

Special issues of recent magazines:
The Nation, Radio Waves, May 23, 2005
The New Internationalist, August 2003, Table of Contents
Radio: The Intimate Medium, English Journal, January 1998
Recommended Books               Other recommended sources of Popular Music

Right of the Dial by Alec Foege: Book Cover
Author’s blog

Radio (Volume 4) A Complete Guide to the Industry
(Media Industries Series)
Pub: Peter Lang
ISBN: 978-0-8204-7633-9

 : Turn Up The Music: Prevention Strategies To Help Parents Through The Rap, Rock, Pop And Metal YearsTurn Up The Music: Prevention Strategies To Help Parents Through The Rap, Rock, Pop And Metal Years
by Jeff Dess
Pub: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595312209

Radio in Context by Guy Starkey
First Published June 2004 –
288 pages
ISBN 140390023X  Companion website
[jacket image]
Radio’s America
The Great Depression
and the Rise of Modern Mass Culture

Popular Music and Youth Culture

Music, Identity and Place

Andy Bennett

Copyright 2000
ISBN 0333732294


Popular Song  Soundtrack of the Century
by Alan Lewens

Watson-Guptill Pubns;
(July 2001)

ISBN: 0823084361


Popular Music: The Key Concepts
by Roy Shuker
ISBN: 0415284252

Understanding Radio
(2nd Edition)
(Studies in Culture & Communication)
by Andrew Crisell, Senior Lecturer in Media and
Communication Studies at the University of Sunderland, UK

Routledge; ; 2nd edition (September 1994)

ISBN: 0415103150

Writing For Radio (3rd Edition)
by Rosemary Horstmann
A & C Black; ISBN: 0713646497

Facing the Music
Simon Frith, Editor
Pantheon Books
ISBN 0-394-55849-9

Radio in Media Studies:
Teacher’s Guide


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