May 2009 Health, science educators cast in Hollywood supporting role: Lights, camera, action: Public health!

May 2008 Using the Media to Promote Adolescent Well-Being

Research: Using Media Literacy Education for Health Promotion: A Qualitative Meta-analysis of Effective Program Components 

Magazine ads send mixed messages

April 2006  Media and Children (Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine)

February/March 2005 (Scholastic- CHOICES Magazine)
Smoke Screen: Why do tobacco ads look glamorous and sexy-when everyone knows smoking is gross?  Here’s how to see through the smoking haze.

Analyzing internal & external influences

JANUARY 2005   in Weekly Reader’s Current Health 2 magazine:
Pretty Unreal: Body Image and digital diets of celebrities 

The Media: What’s The Message? Current Health 1, April/May 2004

Entertainment Education and Health in the United States –
Issue Brief (April 2004)

How Tobacco Uses the Movies to Market to Teens,
Current Health 2, February 2004

Using Health Infomercials to Develop Media Literacy Skills, Journal of School Health, August. 2003

How Tobacco Ads Target Teens
, Current Health 2, April/May 2002

Smoked Out
,  Upfront, NY Times news magazine for teens, May 6 issue

Guerilla Advertising -Advertising’s Sneak Attack
, Upfront, April 8 issue

Trouble on TV (media and body image) Scholastic CHOICES, April 2002 issue

Sexy Ads Target Young Adults by Tom Reichert, USA TODAY MAGAZINE, May 2001

Are Ads Making You Sick? Current Health 2,  April-May 1999,

Media & Health Paper 

Understanding the role of media in substance abuse prevention

Countering the Influence of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising

Media Literacy and Substance Abuse Virtual Library
(research related to media literacy)

Children, Adolescents and the Media: Five Crucial Issues
Dr. Victor Strasburger
(reprint from Adolescent Medicine, October 1993)

Sexuality, Substance Abuse and Violence: The Role for Media Literacy In The Prevention Process
By Dr. David Considine,  Telemedium, The Journal of Media Literacy, Vol. 42, No. 2 Summer 1996

Media Literacy and Human Health   Dr. David Considine,Telemedium, Third/Fourth Quarter 1993



Media Literacy Lesson Plans (MS-HS, underage drinking related)

Advertising, The Media and Your Health (video)

Analyzing Media Unit (Sequence of 5 Activities: UT Health Science Center)

Beauty is Skin Deep (

Center on Media & Child Health (blog)

Media Smart Youth– NIH produced curriculum (2006)
request this curriculum- send email to:

Resource for parents/teachers:  RETROspective, includes section  
Media Literacy: Reading Between the Lines
produced by SAMHSA, CSAP, HHS.

Media Literacy For Drug Prevention-Middle Schools

TV SmartsDeconstructing Media Messages:
Learning Activity posted June 2001 at Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Reversing Addiction In Our Compulsive Culture (CD Rom) New Mexico Media Literacy Project

Selling Addiction (out of print, no longer available)

Adlibbing It (video) available from United Media. Link

Smoke & Mirrors: Media Literacy & Tobacco produced by National Institute for Media & The Family, 888-672-5437,

Analyzing Media Influences (Discovery- DVD)

Deadly Persuasion: The Advertising of Alcohol & Tobacco;
Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Images of Women
Slim Hopes: Advertising’s Obsession With Thinness

(Videos featuring Jean Kilbourne)

In The Mix (PBS series)  programs on smoking, alcohol, drugs, body image, etc

Teen Files (syndicated TV series, hosted by Leeza Gibbons) programs on drugs, smoking, alcohol
videos available from AIMS Multimedia, 800-367-2467



Media & Health
ISBN: 9781405112444
ISBN10: 1405112441

Deadly Persuasion- Why Women and Girls Must Fight The Addictive Power of Advertising
by Jean Kilbourne   The Free Press
ISBN# 0-684-86599-8

also available in paperback under the title  Can’t Buy My Love- How Advertising Changes The Way We Think and Feel
Publisher Touchstone  ISBN# 0-684-86600-5  Read Chapter 6

Children, Adolescents & The Media   Victor C. Strasburger   Publisher: Sage
ISBN  0-8039-5500-6

The Booze Merchants- The Inebriating of America    Michael Jacobson, George Hacker and Robert Atkins
Center for Science In The Public Interest   iSBN 0-89329-099-8



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