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Below are listed categories in the McREL standards database which correlate to media literacy in the English/Language Arts, History and Media curriculum areas. Click on each link to take you to the national standards verbiage.

Language Arts Standard 9: VIEWING
Uses viewing skills and strategies to understand and interpret visual media

Language Arts Standard 10: MEDIA
Understands the characteristics and components of the media

Click on each link to take you to the national standards verbiage:

Advertising Bias Film Informational Texts
Media Newspapers Persuasion Photography







ISTE NETS logoNational Educational Technology Standards for Students

Connecting Curriculum and Technology

National Educational Technology Standards for Students

Middle Grades 6-8
Students in our society are constantly bombarded by advertisements. Technology has not only added to the impact and quantity of advertising but has led to the development and proliferation of new types of advertising. Fortunately, technology is a powerful tool in the hands of students for investigating and understanding the impact of advertising on their lives.  Source

Intermediate Grades 3-5
You Want Me to Sell What? The Many forms of advertising. Source

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