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Media. Deconstructed.
 Media Literacy (Various) Living Smart #407: Media Literacy (27 min) Discovering Language Arts: Viewing 
(K-2; 3-5; 6-8;
Media Literacy- Creating Media (15:46)

Media Literacy- Audience (24:05)

Media Literacy- Media Ethics (31:16)
The Role of Media In Elections- A Media Literacy Workshop (40:54)

Consider The Source: Can It Be Trusted? (1:21)The Key To Media’s Hidden Codes (6:00)

Increasing media education and skepticism (2:46)

TV Smarts for Kids (10:31)

TV Smarts, Part 2 (5:30)

Media Literacy, Education & Choice (6:45)

The Future of Media Literacy Part 1 – (15:01)

Differentiated instruction- media literacy (6:21)

Media Literacy: Creating Media

Media Smarts (7:22)

Promoting Health Through Media Education (3:22)

Truth or Consequences:
The Search for
Credibility in an Age of Spin

Media Minute Episode 1: What is media anyway?

Media Minute Episode 2: Media are constructions. 
Media Minute Episode 3: Audiences negotiate meaning.

Media Minute Episode 4: Media have commercial implications.

Media Minute Episode 5: Media have social and political implications.


Media Minute Episode 6: Each medium has a unique aesthetic form.Media Literacy Documentary (2009)

Media Literacy Awareness (7:39)

Intl. Media Literacy Research Forum 2008

Teaching kids media literacy (3:27)

Teaching media literacy: asking questions
Media Literacy At Home(3:22)

Media Literacy and Democracy

Media Literacy, Education & Choice

Assignment Media Literacy:
Level 1: Elementary
Level 2: Middle School
Level 3: High School

Understanding media literacy

Video Introduction to media literacy (3:46)

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is like reading literacy

Critical Thinking
About Media Literacy


Media Literacy for Media Reform:
Turning Apathy into Activism

Media Literacy in cyberspace

Media literacy: who needs  it?

Tuning In To Media

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