This page represents a number of new and recent news articles/resources, all of which include maps, and could be useful in helping students understand the current situation.  [Note: Links constantly updated, check back]

Who Controls What in Ukraine (April 21)

Who Controls What in Ukraine
(March 26)

Reuters (News Service) Graphics (revised often)

Russian War Crimes Putin Under Investigation (March 25)

Maps show – and hide – key information about Ukraine war (March 24)

Key Things to Know About the Conflict  (March 16)

Ukraine Maps: New Agreed Ceasefire Breaks Down In South (March 6)

Map Shows All 15 Ukraine Nuclear Reactors (March 4)

Russia’s War in Ukraine: Complete Guide in Maps, Videos, Pictures (February 28)

Maps: Tracking The Russian Invasion of Ukraine (revised, NY Times)

What Google Maps Tell Us About the Russian Invasion

Russia Invades Ukraine (updated- Reuters)

Three Maps Explaining the Ukraine/Russia Conflict (Feb 26)

Maps & Tracking Russian’s Invasion of Ukraine (Feb 24)

Russia-Ukraine Map Shows What A Potential Invasion Looks Like Now (Feb 22)

Ukraine Separatist Regions Get Recognition from Putin: Map

Maps: The Conflict Between The Ukraine & Russia (Feb. 21)

How Ukraine Conflict Could Reshape Europe’s Reliance on Russia (Feb. 15)

Ukraine & Russian Explained in Maps & Charts

Maps Can Help Explain The Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine

34% Of Americans Can Find Ukraine on A Map

On The Edge of War

Four Maps That Help Explain the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia-Ukraine: Border Troop Surge Raises Alarm

How Russia’s Military Is Positioned To Threaten Ukraine

Map: Russian Troop Locations Near Ukraine

These Maps Show Why Putin Might Want To Invade Ukraine (video)

How Big Is Russia’s Military Build-up Around Ukraine?

See Why the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine Is Heating Up (April 2021)

Political Geography- Ukraine (September 2020)

Can You Find Ukraine? (2014)

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