I am very pleased that one of the co-authors of this excellent resource has granted me permission to post this here.

I located “The People’s Choice: Digital Imagery & The Art of Persuasion” many years ago and even added it to my website under “visual literacy” and “the role of media in politics.”  But alas, the document disappeared from the web, so I wrote to co-authors Danny Martinez and Mary Burns (Education Development Center). She has kindly allowed me to post it here.

The document, which includes lesson plans and activities, is designed to introduce students to “visual literacy” and to help them apply what they learn to political campaign messages, including commercials.   [Note: because of its age, some of the websites referenced here may be outdated.  However, using the ARCHIVE.ORG website, you can submit an outdated website and it will retrieve the original source. ]

Click link below to open, read or download the document.

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