Movies Through A Mathematical Lens

What type of math is involved in Pixar animation?

Superman II
Despicable Me



Many (see article)

Math in Special Effects Music video Algebra,  Distance, Light Intensity,
Exposure (photography)
Film Aspect Ratio   Related video Captain America:
Winter Solider;
Citizen Kane;
Ben Hur;
A Serious Man;
Oz: The Great And The Powerful;
The Grand Budapest Hotel;
The Dark Knight
Aspect ratio
Jumping Out of Windows (stunts) measuring, multiplication, division, and remainders
Math in the Film Industry trigonometry, algebra, integral calculus,
subdivision surfaces, division, geometry, and harmonic coordinates
How One Visual Effects Director Uses Math Harry Potter, Sweeny Todd,
Prince of Persia,
GI Joe
fluid modeling, gravity, viscosity, voxels, density,
3D geometry
A Math Breakdown of Cinematography
of “There Will Be Blood
“Related article
 There Will Be Blood Geometry
Math Goes Movies Jurrasic Park,
Lord of the Rings
polygons, triangles, ray tracing, vectors,
caustics, precomputed radiance transfer,
Film Lighting & Math multiplication, angles, measurements, division,
skip counting
Geometry of Lenses
(Lesson plan)
geometry, areas, ratios, and square roots
Math Algorithm Claims to
Predict Film’s Success
Pixar combines math to make its movies
related video
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
algebra, geometry , calculus
Pixar Sr. Scientist Explains Math of Movies
related video
Cars 2, Brave,
Geri’s Game
arithmetic, algebra, geometry, polygons,
calculus, combinatronics, light, fluid, gases,
compression algorithm, parabolas
Ryan Kavanugh Uses Math To Make Movies Batman, Zombieland,
Charlie Wilson’s War,
Paul Blart: Mall Cop,
Season of the Witch,
The Perfect Getaway,
Matrix, Waterworld,
Jesse James,
The Fighter, Evan Almighty,
Bruce Almighty,
Land of the Lost,
Somewhere in Time, Titanic
Box Office Math (lesson plan)  Calculations, measures, box plots
(both modified and
non-modified), histograms, and
stem-and-leaf plots.
Independent Filmmakers Talk Math Calculations
The Croods & Math Coding, effects tools, process control,
fluid dynamics, Cloud computing
What is the average budget for a 
Hollywood movie?
The Brothers McMullen,
Pirates of the Caribbean
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