Super Hero Physics

THE “MARVEL”-OUS NATURE OF SCIENCE: Using superhero movies to teach methods and values in science (Science Teacher July 2019)
Movie scences & instructional prompts

References to graphic novels rather than films

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.




nature of science,

The Science (and the Scientists) Behind “The Antman” Antman & The Wasp
Jurassic World
Black Panter
Iron Man
molecular density
molecular misequilibrium
quantum decoherence
organic atom reduction
Jurassic World: Skimps on Dinosaur Science Jurassic World
The Science Behind Pixar
(exhibit, lessons)
All Pixar films Many
Science of 3D Movies:
How do images on a flat screen pop out?
depth perception;
stereoscopic vision;
polarized light
Visible invisibility: the science of cinematography Saving Pvt Ryan
Citizen Kane
Pulp Fiction
Ben Hur
Lawrence of Arabia
A Space Odyssey
The Hateful Eight
exposure time
The Future Science of Star Wars Star Wars
The Science in “The Martian” The Martian ion engines,
orbital dynamics,
interplanetary travel,
solar energy
The Physics of  “Back To The Future” Back To The Future special relativity
general relativity
How Science Helps Create Realistic Explosions in Movies Avatar,
Iron Man 3,
Super 8,
Man of Steel
wavelet turbulence
Physics Journal Recommends Teachers Use Interstellar Interstellar;
Star Trek; Stargate
Wormholes; black holes
Stunts Makes A Believer of Physics Expert Fast & Furious 7 speed; terminal velocity;
Neuroscientist Takes A Scientific Look at Art of Filmmaking Airplane, Chicago, Moulin Rouge Brain Science
The Physics of Spiderman’s Webs Spiderman downward gravitational force;
upward force; momentum; tension;
velocity;  kinematic equations;
Science Goes To The Movies Various Varies
Great & Realistic Physics Movies
related: Good & Bad Examples from Movies
Gravity, Apollo 13,  October Sky,
The Abyss,  IQ, Infinity,
2001: A Space Odyssey
Science of Hollywood Stunts (video) The Firm;
A Time to Kill;
Mission Impossible;
solid, liquids, gas, steam, expansion,
chemical reactions, metal, hydrocarbon,
fluids, carbon, refraction,
atoms, gravity,
compression, pulleys, force, direction,
load, friction, vectors, pressure,
electrical circuits, magnet
Physics in Wall-E Wall E Applied Physics, Gravity
Interstellar Film Technology & Black HolesThe Surprising Science Behind Interstellar

Christopher Nolan/Kip Thorne Discuss
Physics of Interstellar

Interstellar Black Holes, Worm Holes, Caustics, Relativity
Movie Magic Conjured by Science Toy Story, Harry Potter,
Hellboy, Quantum of Solace,
Chronicles of Narnia, Tron
Fluid Dynamics
Science of the Movies in 3D (Video) Terminator 2; Metalstorm,
Journey to The Center of the Earth
Stereo, Depth, Polarization, Light Waves
How Movies Makers Use Science to 
Make Magic
The Incredibles, Jurrasic Park,
Benjamin Button, Avengers,
Pirates of the Carrribean,
My Week With Marilyn,
The Ten Commandments,
Visual effects, CG, third-degree polynomials,
higher frame rates, 3D, linear perspective,
aerial perspective, composition,
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