Language Arts

Reading Grade 8

6. Students explain how perspectives and purposes define or influence forms of media

(i.e. biases, point of view, sensationalism, entertainment, information and persuasion)

Speaking Grade 8

4. Students select appropriate multi media tools to enhance oral presentations (i.e. computer, overhead projector, television, VCR, camcorder, audiocassette or LCD)

Speaking & Listening
Grade 11
observe the techniques and impact of visual media such as:

explain aesthetic effects of media; using stereotypes; using special effects; explaining techniques and impact of media on audiences; politics; and daily life,
techniques used for a particular audience,
impact of media on daily life

Grade 11 Benchmark

E.4.10 Give examples and explain how the media may influence opinions, choices and decisions

Social Studies

Grade 11

2. Students discuss and analyze current events

3. Students describe both current and historical examples of the interaction and interdependence of science, technology and society in a variety of cultural settings

Grade 8 SS Technology

1.Students use printed and electronic media to gather information
2. Students develop multimedia presentations which may include written/printed, verbal, visual, aural, action, drama or computer formats

Grade 11 SS Technology

Students use integrated technologies to research, process, analyze, interpret, evaluate and present information in various formats

SS Processes & Skills

Grade 4

3. Students interpret factual information

4. Students communicate in written, oral and visual forms


Content Standard 2

Health Information, Products and Information
Students demonstrate the ability to access valid health information and health promoting products and services

Benchmark Grade 8

Students analyze how media influences the selection of health information and products

Content Standard 4

Influence of Culture, Media & Technology

Students analyze the influence of culture, media, technology and other factors on health

Benchmark Grade 8

2. Students analyze how messages from media and other sources influence health behaviors

Benchmark Grade 11

Students evaluate the influences of media and technology on personal, family and community health

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