Language Arts
revised Aug. 2005

Viewing and Representing

Content Standard: The student will use, read, and view media/technology and analyze content and concepts accurately.

Goal Statement: Visual communication is becoming an essential element of today’s rapidly changing technological society, and students must be prepared for the demands they will face in the twenty-first century. Students must learn how to communicate effectively using visual media for specific purposes and audiences. Furthermore, as consumers, they must develop the skills to discern and evaluate the persuasive devices inherent in multimedia and technology. Educators must provide students with the necessary tools to function productively in tomorrow’s world.

3.03 Use and evaluate media in order to disseminate information.

3.04 Evaluate varied media resources and information for accuracy, validity, and reliability.

3.05 Research, interpret, critique, and present information from print and nonprint media.

Learning Expectations:

  • Access and demonstrate multiple technological reference sources.

  • Develop media applications for a variety of audiences and purposes.

  • Use media to view, to read, to write, to communicate, and to create.

  • Analyze the impact of media on daily life.

  • Research, organize, interpret, and present information from print and non-print media.

  • Utilize multimedia to create, to display, and to explain information.

  • Explore the advantages and limitations of the computer as a communication tool.

  • Examine the differences between using print and non-print media as a means of communication.

  • Explain creative strategies used in the production of print and non-print media.


Social Studies
revised 2/08


Interpret a political cartoon

7.4 identify the causes of American involvement in World War (propaganda)

9.4 Recognize the impact of technological and cultural changes on American society
(mass media)

10.6 Explain the influence of modern media


Grades 6-8 Environmental and Community Health Framework
-evaluate and critique health care products and their effectiveness (media, advertising, promotion)

-evaluate how individual food choices are influenced by multiple factors (i.e., ethnic cultures and personal belief systems, advertising, peer pressure, food fads, etc.)

9-12 Lifelong Wellness
39b. Determine the validity of media and marketing claims promoting fitness products and services

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