Language Arts

Distinguish between essential and non-essential information across a variety of texts, identifying stereotypes and exaggeration

Grade 5 bias and propaganda

Grade 8 proper references or authorities and propaganda techniques

Grade 12

(see separate documents for detail)



Social Studies

Grade 3

Identify the role of media in society

Grade 6

Describe the influence of media reporting the issues

Grade 9

Explain the importance of freedom of the press and how public officials use the media to communicate with their citizens

Grade 12
Evaluate the role of media on political life in the US and explain the role of the media in setting the public agenda

(January 2001)

Media including:
-history of various media

– basic techniques of broadcasting media, print media and film

-functions of mass media

-critical analysis of mass media

HEALTH (2003)

D.  Explain factors that influence childhood and adolescent drug use.
-media influence

Grade 6
C. Explain the media’s effect on health and safety issues.

Grade 9
C. Analyze media health and safety  messages and describe their impact on personal health and safety.

Grade 12
C.  Compare and contrast the positive and negative effects of the media on adult personal health and safety.

C.  Analyze factors that impact nutritional choices of adolescents.

·  body image

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