Language Arts

English Language Arts

Standard 2
Students engage in the reading process Benchmark 12
Construct meaning while reading and adjust for understanding: read a variety of texts: question text: reflect on what has been learned from reading and recognize underlying meaning

Examples of Specific Knowledge That Support The Standard & Benchmarks: propaganda, poetic license, bias, fallacies, manipulative language
Examples of Performance Activities That Support The Standard & Benchmarks
Activity 2: Have students find examples of advertisements in newspapers or magazines which contain propaganda, faculty reasoning, misused evidence, or clichés. Using these examples, have students create a survey to gather information as to how other students view the information and overall effect the information has on them as consumers. Have students write a letter to the editor of the magazine or newspaper explaining why they are for or against the use of these elements in advertising and why the paper or magazine should not allow these advertising strategies.

Standard 3,5,7 also apply

Social Studies

Standard 4

Students understand How to Use Social Studies Resources

Grade 9-12 Benchmarks

12.4.1 use primary sources to enhance understanding of SS content
12.4.2 interpret and evaluate secondary sources

12.4.3 apply technology in accessing and using SS resources
Examples of specific knowledge

12.4.1 maps, diaries, letters, cartoons, magazines, newspapers, paintings, music, documents, artifacts, photos, journals, eyewitness accounts, film

12.4.2 secondary narratives, literature, biographies, newspapers, magazines, film

12.4.3 computer literacy, website, simulations, multimedia


12.4.1 students design political commercials or engage in historical reenactments or role playing by using a variety of source (e.g. internet, information brochures, newspapers)


Standard 3

Students understand the effects of environmental and external factors on persona, family and community health

Grades K-4 Recognize how media influence thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors
Grades 5-8 Know that family, community, culture, media, technology and other factors have an impact on health practices. Example of specific knowledge: 3.1 effects of advertising (e.g. use of cartoon characters to promote smoking); effect of media use (TV, internet, computer games) on physical activity
Examples of activities

3.1 Have students evaluate ads for influence on health behavior

6.3 Ask students to analyze health ads and health products to determine credibility with follow-up correspondence to the company

7.1 create a media day-divide students into teams to present information on a health issue through billboard,video, radio talk host, radio-TV PSA, etc.

Grades 9-12 Know how the community, media and technology can influence the health of individuals

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