Language Arts

April 2009

Multiple Literacies: Students will research, synthesize, evaluate and communicate information in a variety of media and formats (textual, visual, and digital).

LA 4.4.1.e Identify bias and commercialism (e.g., product placement, advertising)

  • LA 5.4.1.e Evaluate the message for bias and commercialism (e.g., product placement, advertising, body image)
    LA 6th, 7th, 8th, `2th
    While reading, listening, and viewing, evaluate the message for bias, commercialism and hidden agendas (e.g., product placement, television ad, radio ad, movie, body image, sexism)

Social Studies

Describe the impact of the
media on public opinion & policy

Evaluate the accuracy of campaign
advertising; and recognize bias
and identify how media reports,
analysis, and editorials are different

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Students will analyze the influence of family, culture, media, technology and other factors on health.

4.2 explain how media influence thoughts, feelings and health behaviors

2.3 analyze how media influence the selection of health information and products

1.4b (sample activities)
describing how advertising affects food choices and charting food advertisements during a specified time period

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