Language Arts

Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Viewing

VIEWING- “Critical viewing skills will provide the student with the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction in all forms of visual materials, to understand the differences between electronic and print media, and to enrich their language skills. The broad goal of viewing instruction is to assist students to become thoughtful and reflective comprehenders and producers of poetic, narrative, expository, and persuasive visual text found in film, television, computers and other media such as magazines and advertising.”

Spring 2003:
11th Grade ELA
Suggested activity:
“view and discuss a contemporary film. such asThe Fugitive, which incorporates
extensive flashback”

9th Grade ELA

Suggested activity:
“Write a scene from a story as
a movie script: include actions,
camera angles, dialogue,
and descriptions of the set”

Social Studies

Social Studies
Grade Level 4th
Target Skill 13

Research some of the issues currently facing the local and/or state government Sample Assessment Methods:
Read newspapers, watch TV and listen to news on radio and write a report

Grade Level-6th
Target Skill 12

Evaluate the reliability of information

Sample Assessment:
Record five news items and interview two adults about the reliability of the information



Secondary 9-12

Standard II
Skills Goal: All students will acquire the essential skills to lead a healthful life.
Sample Progress Indicators. All students will demonstrate progress in achieving this standard by:

3. Using video technology to develop a one minute commercial comparing and contrasting the fat content of two foods using their product labels.

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