Language Arts

9th grade (new)
2.4f  Demonstrate understanding by identifying the author’s purpose

2.5f  Critically analyze and evaluate information and messages presented through print by evaluating texts and media presentations for bias and misinformation, completeness, accuracy, clarity of communication, and how the content, techniques, and form of texts and media affect them.

2.5g  Critically…through print, speech, and mass media by acknowledging the possibility of a variety of interpretations of the same text; proposing other interpretations as valid if supported by the text

Content Standards
Volume One 1995

Standard Two

Students will construct, examine and extend the meaning of literacy, informative and technical texts through listening, reading and viewing.

Standard Four

Students will use literacy knowledge accessed through print and visual media to connect self to society and culture

Social Studies

History 6-8
Students will examine historical documents, artifacts and other materials, and analyze them in terms of credibility, as well as the purpose, perspective, or point of view for which they were constructed


Updated 2006
Students will analyze the influence of culture, media, technology and other factors on health

2.4 threats to community health
(i.e. tobacco advertising)

3.3 how marketing, packaging and advertising
influence food choices

3.4 how body image affects food choices

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