Advertising: curriculum content frameworks

Language Arts

(revised 11/05)

Strand Reading
Standard 10 Variety of Text
Grade 12
Evaluate stage, film, or television
adaptations and interpretations of a drama

Listening, Speaking, Viewing

make informed judgments about TV, radio, & film productions; demonstrate an awareness of the presence of media in daily life; evaluate the role media plays in focusing attention and forming opinions; judge the extent to which media provide a source of entertainment as well as source of information; interpret the role of advertising as a part of media

Social Studies

3.1.13. Examine information and experiences and understand how they may be viewed by people from diverse cultural perspectives

6.1.19. Explore how language, media, literature and the arts reflect life in a democratic society

6.1.32 Demonstrate the ability to locate, assess, organize and use information about public issues


2.1.2. Discuss how media affects the choices of health information, products, and services

2.1.6. Demonstrate how media influences the selection of health information and products

3.2.8. Assess the effect of media and technology on personal, family and community health

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