Language Arts

Standard 4: Viewing & Representing
Students use a variety of visual media and resources to gather, evaluate and synthesize information and to communicate with others

VP-E1 Analyze visual media for language, subject matter and visual techniques used to influence opinions, decision making and cultural perceptions

VP-E2 Plan, develop and produce a visual presentation, using a variety of media such as videos, films, newspapers, magazines and computer images

VP-E3 Compare, contrast and establish criteria to evaluate visual media for purpose and effectiveness







Social Studies

2006 (revision)
Strand 3
Concept 4
PO 5
a. Describe the role and influence of political parties, interest groups and mass media
c. Influence of mass media on elections, the political process and policy making

Draft (2000)

Standard 4: Economics

SS4 P2 Use economic concepts, theories, principles and quantitative methods to analyze current events, with emphasis on

PO 3 evaluating the economic implications of current events such as found in such sources as magazine articles, newspaper articles, radio and television reports, editorials and Internet sites

SS4 P9 Apply an understanding of economics to personal financial choices, with emphasis on

PO 2 how advertising influences consumer choices


Explain how media influences the selection and use of health information, products and services

Evaluate the impact of media and technology on personal, family and community health

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