Language Arts

Reading, Listening, Viewing Standard B:
A student who meets this standard should be able to

  1. comprehend meaning from written text and oral and visual information by applying a variety of reading, listening, and viewing strategies; these strategies include phonic, context, and vocabulary cues in reading, critical viewing; and active listening;
  2. reflect on, analyze, and evaluate a variety of oral, written, and visual information and experiences including discussions, lectures, art, movies, television, technical materials, and literature

Social Studies


Standard B
A student should understand the constitutional foundations of the American political system and the democratic ideals of this nation.
A student who meets this standard should:
(5) understand the importance of individuals, public opinion, the media, political parties, associations, and groups in forming and carrying out public policy;


Key Element 5
Indicator: age 5-8

Explain how media influences thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors of the family.

Key Element 2

Indicator: age 12-14
Analyze media for healthy ways to express needs, wants, and feelings.

Indicator: age 15-18:

Analyze the factors that influence dietary choices for oneself, including lifestyle, ethnicity, family, media, and advertising.

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