A resource for educators who want to learn more about integrating media/technology production into the classroom

Recommended essays for reading/downloading:
(see also NCTE’s Assembly on Media Arts blog)How to use PhotoStory 3

Why We Need to Teach 21st Century Skills-And How to Do It

Participatory media literacy

“Creating & Connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social and Educational Networking” (August 2007)

Web 2.0 And The New Visual Literacy

eTEENs: Teens and Technology–The Perfect Storm?
an expert in instructional technology insists that young people’s simultaneous multitasking is actually good for them.

Students Find Their Voices Through Multimedia (Edutopia)

A new crop of kids: Generation We (CNet)

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: 
Media Education for the 21st Century
(see also new text: Convergence Culture)

Digital Media & Learning (MacArthur Foundation)

Integrating Visual Literacy

Student media in transition

The Multitasking Generation (TIME magazine)

Trends in HS Media 
(online journal)

Understanding Digital Kids:
Teaching & Learning In The New Digital Landscape

Age of Information Overload

Electronic Learning Library: Helpful tools & tips for incorporating technology into your classroom

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