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March – October 2020
[this page is under construction. Most recent covers are posted at the bottom of this page.] Sources include:  Google,  issuu, Magzter,  FreeMagazinePDF, Worldmags

A sample of the hundreds of magazine covers from the US and around the world and how they report the Coronavirus pandemic on their covers.  Have students brainstorm a list of every possible business or industry–then invite them to locate a magazine cover that portrays the virus.  Invite students to consider: which images are used to communicate the virus; how each cover is different; how they might be similar; who is the audience for each; determine a magazine’s circulation; how one or more might communicate/represent fear; what techniques are used to attract attention? Determine how many magazines are news, sports, arts, medical, family, business; which ones might not be represented?  Invite your students to create their own cover, using magazine cover software. Find a cover that’s not listed? Send it to me:    Magazine Cover Design (explained)  Even more covers at CoverJunkie  and Frontpage News






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