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Recommended resources:
All About Special Effects (PBS/NOVA)
Avatar Pushes The Limits of Special Effects (video)
A Brief Visual History of Motion Capture Performance on Film
CGI: It’s use in Hollywood films
A cinematic journey through visual effects (Tedtalk)
Empire of Dreams (George Lucas/Star Wars doc)  streaming video
20  Movie Scene Special Effects: Before & After
50 greatest matte paintings of all time
Green screen technology powers amazing app
History of Special Effects (streamed video)
History of Special Effects (montage)
History of Visual Effects: Milestones
136 Years Of Visual Effects Evolution In One Video
ILM: Creating the Impossible (stream)
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
Industrial Light & Magic’s Greatest Hits (video)
It’s Art Magazine

Lesson Plans:
Movie Dinosaurs (Newton’s Apple)
Hollywood Special Effects: How Did They Do That?
Special Effects Teacher’s Guide (NOVA)
Special Effects: Titanic & Beyond
Visual Effects: Seeing Is Believing  (AMPAS/Oscar Teacher Guide Series)

Knowing More About SFX
Life After Pi (video)
Making of Jurrasic Park (documentary)
Nova: The Magic of Special Effects
Pan’s Labyrinth – Makeup and Special Effects
Revolution of SFX In Movies
Special Effects
Stash: online video effects magazine
10 Pre-2000 Movies With Special Effects That Still Hold Up Today
Top 10 Motion Capture Performances (video)
Top 50 Movie SFX Shots
VFX: Going Behind The Magic (video series)
VFX World (Online magazine)
Visual Effects of Iron Man (documentary)
Weta Digital Workshop
Within A Minute (Stars Wars Doc, 3 parts)

Recommended resources:


Awesome Special Effects, Capstone Press (2015)
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movie spe eft Special Effects [Book] Special Effects, Jake Hamilton, Excellent Book

Recommended periodicals:

Issue #3 RAY HARRYHA-- USEN The Master Ray Harryhausen's animated films have enthralled movie goers for over 5 decades. By Ted A. Bohus JIM DANFORTH Animator/Director Can a computer match the animation i

Other text/video recommendations:

editing-and-visual-effects insidevfx_frontcover-380x571
Special Effects: An Introduction to Movie Magic artofillusion.jpg (220×350)
Special Effects: The History and Technique


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