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5 Free Digital Audio Editors You Should Know
Animation Sound Design: Wall E (streamed video)
The Art of Foley
Best Music In Film (BFI)
Cinema Audio Society
Composers Roundtable (video)
Create a Soundtrack – Use software to create  film music
Danny Elfman documentary (streamed video)
Elements of Sound Design
Elmer Bernstein & The Magnificent Seven (doc, video)
Ennio Morricone documentary (streamed video)
Film & Sound Links
Film Music Magazine
Film Music Society
Film Score Monthly Magazine
Film Sound History Timeline
Filmmaking 101: Sound
The Foley Artist (video); The Foley Artist (video)
History of the Recording of Sound
How do filmmakers manipulate emotions w/ music?
How Movie Sound Works (HowStuffWorks)
How Music Can Change a Film (video)
How To Analyze Movies: Sound, Score
How to Become A Foley Artist (glossary, resources)
How-To Record Audio for Your Film (FirstLight)
How to: Sound (FilmClub)
Intro to Foley & Sound Design (video)
James Horner (composer doc) (streamed video)
John Williams (composer doc) (streamed video)|
Know The Score: The Psychology of Film Music
A Life in Words & Music (Rodgers & Hart)
Listen up – The role of music in film
Magic of the Movies (radio doc on film soundtracks)
Mix Magazine
Motion Picture Sound Editors
Movie sound effects
Movie Sound Effects: An inside look at their creation
Moving Images: Sound
Music for Movies (FuturesChannel video)
Music In Film (FilmWorld) 
Music on Film 
(book series)
SCORE: A Film Music Documentary
Secrets of Film Sound (NYT)
Sound (Film Analysis Guide)
Sound (Thinking Film)

Sound Design: Star Wars
Sound Editing: Psycho
Sound Effects – Record your own sound effects
Sound Glossary
Sound In Filmmaking (Pacific Cinémathèque)
Soundman (1950 video short)
Sound of Cinema: The Music That Made The Movies (documentary)
Soundtracks, Sound Effects and Foley
Soundworks Collection: Gary Hecker-Veteran Foley Artist (video)
Working Hollywood: The Foley Artist Gary Hecker (video)
Why Sound In Film Is Important (video)


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Recommended texts/DVD:

Image result for score a film music documentary
Image result for celluloid symphonies A History of Film Music
Film Music Reel Music: Exploring 100 Years of Film Music The Soul of Cinema: An Appreciation of Film Music
Film Music (Screencraft Series) score book
Film, a sound art [Book] Music in film: soundtracks and synergy [Book]
Image result for music on film series
Music On Film



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