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By the time the average student graduates from high school, he or she will have watched 15,000 hours of television and been hit by approximately 70,000 marketing messages a day. In the Mix reveals the tricks and techniques used by the media to manipulate audiences. Viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how news stories are chosen and covered, along with some personal insights from the late veteran newsman Peter Jennings. Then, we focus a keen eye on the powerful images used in advertising and music videos to learn ways to analyze and evaluate what you see on TV—and whether or not to believe it.  Winner of Partnership for Media Education’s 2000 Award

…In the Mix takes a look at how television distorts, manipulates and ultimately ‘creates’ its own version of truth, while alerting viewers that what passes for ‘truth’ on TV is often no more than ‘image’…A good reminder to teens to be vigilant, not passive, receivers of media, this is recommended.-Video Librarian



Many teens are more interested in the news now than they ever were before 9-11, but too many others are turning off the news due to information overload, cynicism and fears. This program explores how news coverage on TV, on the Internet and in print affects the way teens are coping with their changed world. It also helps them understand how to select, compare and interpret what they see and read in the news. In their search for answers, In the Mix teen reporters interview FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly; ABC’s Peter Jennings; Barry Gross, chief copy editor of the New York Post; CNN’s and MTV’s young reporter, Serena Altschul; Janine Jackson, the program coordinator of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting). Winner 2002 CINE Golden Eagle Award

# 424    SELF IMAGE: THE FANTASY, THE REALITY  (DVD includes Spanish subtitles)

What is “the perfect body”, and why does everyone want it? In the Mix digs deep into the American obsession with body image, taking a zoom lens to the images we see on television and billboards, in films, and magazines. Young men and women speak their minds about how waif-thin models and macho-men make them feel about themselves. We also hear from young people who survived eating disorders and steroid abuse, as well as from teens who are getting help on the road to healthy self-esteem. Model agency head Katie Ford and magazine editor Lesley Seymour offer valuable insights and advice, raising an awareness of what’s real and what’s fantasy in the media. With the help of In the Mix, teens will learn how to “tune-out” media images and listen to who they really are.

…lively hosts, suggestions on getting help, and dynamic audio and photographic techniques make a winning mix that will grab the audience’s attention and lead to discussion about these issues.–School Library Journal


# 4               # # 426  SMOKING: THE TRUTH UNFILTERED (DVD includes Spanish subtitles)

Co-Hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, In the Mix tackles smoking prevention in a high energy, in-depth program that dispels common misconceptions among teens. Featured segments include a hard look at the addictive aspects of tobacco as well as the wide range of physical effects; profiles of teens who are kicking the habit; a profile of a young woman suffering from emphysema; and an ex-Lucky Strike cigarette model who has cancer. Interviews with Bill Novelli, marketing expert and past president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and teen activists are aimed at raising awareness of how cigarette companies target teens and manipulate them into smoking. The goal is to convince teens that smoking is detrimental to their health in the present and near future—not just 30 or 40 years down the line.

Endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control’s Office on Smoking and Health

…this In the Mix episode tackles smoking prevention with a fresh outlook…Realistic and informative,[it] provides insight into the dangers of smoking while urging teens to be healthy and smart.
Youth Today


“It’s My Life” for 8-13 year olds also has an extensive tween message board on the Body Channel about Media Pressure


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