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From the Civil War to Wars in Iraq and the Mideast, photographic images have played a major role in how we perceive and understand conflicts. On this web site, we offer some of the still photos taken by photographers: some have been published in newspapers and online, some have not. (In addition, you will find resources related to previous wars and more recent conflicts).

As students consider photographs/video, they should keep in mind the following questions:

– who took the images and for what purpose?
– who/what is being shown? who/what is not being shown? why or why not?
– how might the current conflict restrict a photographer?
– are war photographers free to go where they want or are they accompanied by
military personnel?
– how might the “embedding” of news personnel help/restrict our understanding?
– how might a specific photo/video be used to sway public opinion?
– has your local newspaper printed pictures of people injured or killed? If not, why not?

Lesson plan: The Impact of Images: Considering the Place of Photojournalism Today
Recommended reading: Media Literacy Skills: Interpreting Tragedy
Exhibit educator guide:  War Photography: Images of Armed Conflict & Its Aftermath

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 IN THE NEWS: recent news articles
(listed chronologically; other background readings follow below)

To locate the latest photos: go to

War Poster Parody   1  2

Other Sources of Images  from the War with Iraq

ABC News Online:
War In Iraq Photo Galleries

Guardian Unlimited (UK)
Photo Gallery


Agence France Presse

Knight Ridder Tribune

Rex Features (UK)

Army Times,
Frontline Photos

Lycos War Photographs  Time
What You See, What They See 
Pictures of The Week
Associated Press
 (see The Day In Photos; Photo Week; Focus On Iraq)
United Press International
The Australian
Latest pictures
Nando Times World Photos US
BBC News Photo Gallery Newsweek War Images from The Age   
Images of War
New York TimesNYTimes News Service War in Iraq
Front Pages

ChannelNewsAsia NY Daily NewsPix Washington Post
CNN War In Iraq
Photo Gallery
New York Post World Photos
DefenseLink News Photos Orlando Sentinel Photo Gallery World Picture News
Financial Times Photos from Australia Yahoo News Photos

Background Readings/Resources:

Links to other war images:

Civil War Images World War I images World War II images Vietnam War images
Spanish Am War imagesThe Spanish Civil War and War Photography in the 1930s Korean War images Gulf War images Georgia/Russian war images
(August 2008)

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