Compare and Contrast  by Frank W. Baker
NBA player LeBron James finds himself on the cover (again) of some current popular magazines. Here is another opportunity to infuse media & visual literacy  with your students. Since most states require students to understand “informational texts” this activity may help them.
Have your students consider the questions below the images.

Mar 12, 2007 | Volume 106, Issue 1 
1. Who are the audiences for each magazine? What are the clues?
2. Use one or two adjectives to describe how LeBron looks on each cover.
3. Magazine covers are also considered advertisements. What techniques does each of the publications use to sell themselves to their readers?
4. Notice Lebron’s body language & non-verbal facial expressions; what do they say to you?
5. If you could read only one of these publications, which would it be and why? In other words, which is most appealing?

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