To Kill A Mockingbird: Seeing the Film through the Lens of Media Literacy

© 2006 Frank Baker

Thanks to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences for recommending this site in its “Reading Between The Frames” curricula.

This is truly that rare film that comes along every once in a while; the elements come together, creating a marvelous film, which is not only different from, but also complimentary to the Pulitzer Prize winning 1960 novel.I invite teachers to learn more about the film using the ‘language of film’ and ‘media literacy.’

Portions of this teacher guide have been previously published in the Australian SCREEN EDUCATION periodical.


“comprehensive, well-written, accessible, and intelligently structured website….Baker’s comments on film technique and important issues involved in the adaptation process are most welcome, especially since they are expressed without jargon or unwarranted complexity.  I recommend with enthusiasm this website for students at all levels…”
R. Barton Palmer, author of
The Relationship Between The Text and Film


TKAM: Voted #1 Courtroom Drama by AFI

“”I think it is one of the best translations of a book to film ever made.”
Harper Lee, author


“Yet perhaps the most prominent of those perfect marriages between actors and their roles, the single moment when the stars were properly aligned, came when Peck stepped out into the grainy black-and-white screen as Atticus Finch.”
(film critic Bill Straub, “Gregory Peck, A Movie Star to Remember” 6/12/03)


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