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INTRODUCTIONEvery day, we are bombarded by numbers. The source of information using numbers is frequently the news. Every day newspapers, magazines, TV and radio news, report news stories which include numbers. (Understanding the news) Oftentimes, these numbers go by so fast, we don’t have time to stop and process them.

This web resource, Math In The Media, highlights specific stories found in the media which commonly use numbers. This site is designed to be used by middle school math teachers. The goal is to get students interested in math using “real world examples;” things they can relate to easily. At the same time, the topics addressed in the news stories are those which are regularly reported. Teachers can easily link to a news source and download the latest information, making the topic relevant and timely. (TV News ratings is the first topic that has been fully developed: use the links in the Table of Contents on the left)

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Frank Baker 

A recent survey found these news stories to be the ones which most frequently use numbers. (Links will take you to web sites with additional information and resources):

Box Office Gross   

The Numbers
Unemployment Rates        Case Study
Understanding Employment   
Monthly Employment Figures Cause Confusion
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
details  FAQ   background

Reporting Inflation

New York Times Best-Sellers
Gross Domestic Product(GDP)
details   background   sources 

Lesson Plan: GDP in the Real
Sports Statistics
(see related math lesson plans
listed on the left)Super Bowl 
High School Dropout Rates Stock Market Data  (see related media math lesson plans listed on the left)
Life Expectancy Politics
(see The Role of Media in Politics)
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