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Articles To Read (due to the nature of news articles on the web, many of those listed below may only be available one or two weeks after their published date)

One of the best articles, available via Infotrac:
Confessions of a Nielsen Household, American Demographics magazine, March 1997reveals the truth about Nielsen Media Research television ratings monitoring equipment. How the author was chosen as part of national television ratings system; How the Nielsen technicians hook up the monitoring equipment on TV and VCRs; How to operate the system; What the people can get for being a Nielsen household; What the TV and advertising industries get out of it. INSET: How to read TV ratings, by Horst Stipp. Commercial Ratings: A Tutorial (Aug.2006)
Nielsen to Track Ad Viewing
Nielsen to Furnish Commercials Ratings
Nielsen Paper Diaries Headed for Circular File
Nielsen catches on to Net  (June 2006)
Who’s Really Watching (May 2005)
Our Ratings, Ourselves
(NY Times, April 2005)
Young Men Are Back Watching TV. But Did They Ever Leave?

On the Couch

Nielsen to proceed with controversial TV meters (8/4)
Nielsen ratings system reviewed in Congress (7/16)
Critics Say Nielsen Undercounts Minorities (7/16)
Planned Nielsen Changes Criticized
High Priced Ads-For Younger Viewers Only
Confessions of A Nielsen Family

Nielsen Fast Forwards TV Ratings Plan, Will Add ‘Time-Shifted’ Viewers Next Year
TV Newsrooms Regrouping for People Meters
Network Sweeps: Caveat Emptor
(June 18, 2003)
Misleading Ratings
Nielsen Meters Will Alter Local TV Ratings (2/26)
NBC Pact Supports Increase in People Meter Sample (2/21)
Nielsen To Include More in Local Ratings (Mediapost 10/28)
The 18 to 34 Myth (NY Times, October 13)
Nielsen To Install Meters in SC Market  (Adweek, June 2002)
Audiences Suddenly Get Younger
(USA Today, June 2002)
Chart Changes on TV Ratings (USA Today, June 2002)
Personal People Meter Promises Better TV, Radio Ratings (May 2002)
David Letterman vs. Ted Koppel LESSON PLAN
Nielsen Sweetens Its Diary System– Cash Incentives Work to Boost Response Rates 
Nielsen To Change Rating Gathering Methods

Can current events affect the cost of advertising? Read Networks Watch Commercial Prices Drop

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