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Advertising & Marketing (Math In The Middle Teacher Guide)

Batting Averages and More (PBS Mathline)

Box Office Finish, A Question of Methodology (NY Times)

Bursting The Bubble (PBS Media Matters)

By The Numbers: Math Connections in Newspapers for MS (NAA)

Census Lesson Plan (PBS NewsHour)

Cinema & Maths (pdf booklet from UK’s Film Education)

Don’t Buy It (PBS):  Two math activities:
1) Graphing Data for Nutritional Comparisons  2) Using Statistics to Sell Cat Food

Estimation and Your TV Diet (pdf document)

ESPN Sports Figures Lesson Plans

Fantasy Baseball (Number & Number Relations) Middle School Math Project, PBS TeacherSource

Having Fun with Baseball Statistics

How Many Commercials Within Each TV Show?

How Stocks  & The Stock Market Work from How Stuff Works

Is it really news? (PBS Mathline)

Lesson Plan: Play the (Stock) Market

Math at the movies (PBS)

Math Challenge: TV Ratings

Mathematics In Movies (contains movie clips)

Math in Television Art Direction (The Futures Channel)

Math In The Media

Math In The Movies

Math in the Movies

Math In The News (Education World)

Media Literacy: Numbers In The News (Big Chalk)

Media Math Concepts

Politics & The Media (examination of 30-second campaign ads)

Sports Photography & Math (The Futures Channel)

Stats In The Media

Video & Cinematography  (Math In The Middle Teacher Guide)

World’s Largest Math Event (“Entertaining Mathematics”)

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