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Media Math Activity Four:: Assign students to watch one of the programs listed and log the number of commercials aired during an episode.  Have each student calculate the total revenue generated for their program.  Example: If eight (8) 30-second “spots” were broadcast during “Frasier”, that would bring NBC $2,016,536 !  Now, calculate if there are 40 episodes of “Frasier” each year.CPM- Cost per thousand (not million!) When considering the most cost-effective ways of reaching potential customers, advertisers must consider what medium (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet) is best.  The effectiveness of an ad is judged by its Cost Per Thousand (CPM), the cost of reaching 1000 audience members.

CPM=  Cost of media Buy       X     1,000
total audience

Media Math Activity Five: Using the example from above, have students figure the CPM for “Frazier.”
Assume the total audience is 10,000,000.

CPM =   325,000    X   1000   =     $32.50

For comparison, a full page ad in USA TODAY newspaper:

CPM for USA TODAY=   $66,100    X     1000  =   $31.47

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