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NEW  Characteristics of a FYC Promo Ad

This web page is divided into four sections:

1. Background/resources on the use of “For Your Consideration” in advertising
2. Database with links to TV/film studios awards web sites
3. Database of award nomination dates, ceremony dates and broadcast partners
4. Links to news sources about film/TV awards

For Your Consideration is a heading frequently used in advertisements in entertainment trade publications such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. They are specifically directed towards members of groups in the entertainment industry, most commonly the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which annually presents the Academy Awards celebrating the best in motion pictures, (or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Golden Globes) or the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences which presents the Primetime Emmy Awards for television. Source: Wikipedia (note: hyperlinks added by media educator Frank Baker)

In the fall of 2016,  Lionsgate broke with tradition choosing to use the phrase “Consider This” in ads for its films. Other film studios have subsequently used the word “consider.”

NEW: Read/Study/Analyze Previous FYC Studio Ads Here

Each year, the major movie studios, and to a lesser extent their affiliated television studies and the television networks, spend large sums of money on “For Your Consideration” ads extolling the alleged virtues of their films or programs released over the previous year. While it is unclear where or when the practice originated, it appears to have been popularized by Miramax, which rose from relative obscurity during the 1990s to become one of the most prestigious studios, at least of that decade.

Not surprisingly, then, the quantity of such ads  has increased dramatically, as major firms vie to win the top awards, hoping that the associated publicity will result in more viewers and greater revenues. In deed, most of the films expected to be “Oscar-worthy” are released in the last few months of the year, occasionally opening in limited release just before the end of the year and opening wide in January. This generally ensures that these films are still in movie theatres as awards-related publicity peaks…

As might be expected, these ads have recently begun appearing online at websites popular with voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Movie buffs are now archiving and tagging these online Oscar ads so they’ll be available for future study and commentary.  Source

NEW:   Download Oscar contending screenplays here

Questions for students to consider:
– what does the phrase “for your consideration” mean?
– who is the audience for these ads and what are they asked to do?
– in what ways are these ads “persuasive”?
– what information is quintessential in ads promoting TV shows/films?

– what codes/conventions/techniques does each contain?
– what is the purpose of film/TV critic quotes?
– what is the same; what is different about each ad?
– why are some ads featured on the cover of a magazine?

who designs the ads; who pays for them?
– consider the layout of the ad: what attracts attention most?
– how is mood and/or genre communicated?
– how might expression, body language or other non-verbal language communicate what is happening?

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Studios ‘For Your Consideration’ Websites (all under construction- new material added regularly)

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2022-2023 Movie Nomination/Award Dates/Broadcast Partners (updated regularly)

Craft/Guild Awards

Award Nominations Announced Winners Announced/
Broadcast or Stream
Annie (Animation) January 17 February 25
Screen Actors Guild (SAG) January 11 February 26/
NETFLIXs  YouTube Channel
Art Directors Guild January 9 February 18
WGA (Writers) TV, new media, news and radio January 11
Film January 25
March 5
Producers Guild (PGA) Docs December 12
Sports, Childrens Dec 16
TV/Film  January 12
February 25
Casting Society of America (Artios) January 6 March 9
Makeup Artists/Hair Stylists January 11 February 11
American Society of Cinematographers January 9 March 5
American Cinema Editors (ACE)
Eddie Award (Audio)
February 1 March 5
Costume Designers Guild January 12 February 27
Directors Guild (DGA) TV January 10
Film January 11
February 18
VES (Visual Effects) January 17 February 16
Motion Picture Sound Editors 
(Golden Reels)
January 9 February 26
Set Decorators Society of America January 5 February 14
Guild of Music Supervisors  January 23 March 5
Cinema Audio Society January 10 March 4


Major Awards

Award Nominations Announced Winners Announced Broadcast/
Hollywood Film Awards February 26
Gotham Awards October 25 November 28
Golden Globes
(Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.)
December 12 January 10 January 10
BAFTA January 19 February 19 BritBox (US)
Cinema Eye November 14 January 12
Film Independent Spirit November 22
TV December 13
March 4  5:00pm ET/
2:00 pm PST on @IMDb or @filmindependent #YouTube channels
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Oscars) January 24 March 12 ABC
American Film Institute December 9


Critics Groups

Los Angeles Film Critics Assn

December 11

Chicago Film Critics

December 15

Utah Film Critics Assn

December 18

Phoenix Critics Circle

December 22

Critics Choice Awards

December 15

January 15/CW
London Film Critics Circle                  December 22 Winners
Phoenix Film Critics Society                 December 20
Florida Film Critics Circle December 24
UK Film Critics Association

December 28

Greater Western NY Film

December 31

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

January 5

Columbus Film Critics Assn. January 2
National Society of Film Critics

January 7

San Diego Film Critics Society

January 7

Seattle Film Critics Society

January 9

Georgia Film Critics Assn.

January 15

Hollywood Film Critics Assn.

February 24

African Am Film Critics Assn

March 1

Critics Choice Super Awards March 16

Other Associated Groups

Award Nominations Announced Winners Announced Broadcast/
European Film Awards November 8 December 10
Alliance of Women Film Journalists December 26 January 5
Intl Documentary Association December 10
British Film Independent Awards (BIFA) November 3 December 4
NAACP Image Awards
Hollywood Professional Assn. November 17
Foundation for the Augmentation for African-Americans in Film
(Black Reel Award)
December 15
Movieguide Awards
GALECA (the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics) Dorian Awards January 12
Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) International Awards  December 15 Feb 23/24
International Cinematographers           Guild Publicists Award December 7 March 10
Humanitas Prize Awards September 1 Winners
USC Libraries
Scripter Awards
January 18 March 4
Global Cinematheque World Cinema Awards
Association for the Promotion of Cinema
Cesar Awards
January 25
GLAAD Media Awards March 30
May 13
The Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL) February 16


NEW: A Look At What Might Be The Most Expensive Emmy Campaign Season Ever 
Teaching With The Emmy Awards: A Media Literacy Opportunity
Chasing Emmy– a new weekly podcast from Entertainment Weekly magazine
Updated: See the ads for Emmy nominations  shows/people here

 Special Emmy TV Websites
(many of these websites are only active during award voting season)​

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Image result for fx networks logo
Image result for netflix logo
Image result for pbs logo

Image result for starz tv logo

includes BET, CBS,  Comedy, MTV, Paramount , Showtime, Smithsonian, VH1


Emmy/Oscar News Sources:

Image result for b&cpngBroadcasting
& Cable


Emmy Magazine
Entertainment Weekly Image result for hollywood reporter magazine logoHollywood Reporter
Emmy News Image result for LA TIMES logoThe Envelope Image result for NY times logoAwards Season Image result for variety magazine logoVariety


Ads: designed for analysis and deconstruction

Movie posters are a prime example of visual communication. Movie posters, as well as the promos, have to be visually appealing otherwise they aren’t going to sell any tickets. Posters have to use an image to get the gist of an entire two hour movie. (Source)

 Useful links:
There is a reason why Hollywood movies campaign to be nominated for awards
For Your Consideration: Increasingly Lavish Emmy Campaigns
Emmy Campaigns Get Out of Hand
Film ads try to sway Oscar Voters
For Your Consideration:  How Data Analysis Was Used in the 2015 Oscar Race

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