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Books to help you teach film


All About Special Effects (PBS/NOVA)
AMPAS: Teacher Guide
Anatomy Of A Scene; worksheet
Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Moving
Image: Grades K-12
Cinematography 101 (Global Action Project)
Comparing a Literary Work to Its Film Interpretation
Director’s Cut
Exploring Satire with “Shrek”
Film in the Classroom, Revised(PBS, Masterpiece)
Film Lesson Plans
Filmmaking Across the Curriculum
Film Project for Primary (Ireland)
Film Teaching Guides
Film Teaching Guides (Univ of Florida)
Film School Course 01 – Learning the Basics of Filmmaking
Film Study: The Grapes of Wrath
Genre & Media Literacy (teens and films)
How to Read Film
Immigrants In Film (PBS New Americans)
Introduction to Film Appreciation
Lights, Camera, Action…Music: Critiquing Films Using Sight and Sound
Learning Network (lengthy list, NYT)
Lights, Cameras, Education (AFI)
Literature To Film
Look Again (BFI)
Making Movies (Australia)
Making Movies Matter
Media Literacy: Reading Between The Frames (AMPAS)
Moving Image Education
Novel as Screenplay
Screenwriting 101
Story of Movies; background
Teach Animation
Teaching Film Study
Teaching Star Wars
Teaching With Movies: A Guide for Parents and Educators(PDF)
Understanding Media: Analyzing Media- Movie Posters
Using Movies to Improve Visual Literacy


Acting With A Pencil  Storyboarding Your Movie

Because of Winn-Dixie, storyboards

Blank Storyboard

Making Movie Storyboards

Media Storyboard

Production: Scriptwriting & Storyboards

Story behind storyboards

Storyboarding: Pre-writing activity

Storyboarding: Video Explanation

Storyboards: what are they?

Storyboards: Mad Men(AMC)

(behind-the-scenes of filmmaking)

A Scanner Darkly
Avatar;  Making of Avatar; Making of Avatar; Behind the Scenes
Benjamin Button
Beyond Doubt: The Making of Hitchcock’s Favorite Film
Design for the Road in ‘Cars 2’
Citizen Kane; “deep-focus” scene analysis;
Central ideas, symbols, & film techniques of “Citizen Kane”
Donnie Darko: Shot Composition
How to Train Your Dragon
“The Incredibles” Anatomy of a Scene
Indiana Jones
King Kong
Polar Express
Psycho (shower, storyboard sequence)
Sky Captain
To Kill A Mockingbird
Toy Story 3; Toy Story – Making Of – 2/3
Up   Behind The Scenes #1;
Behind The Scenes #2
Wall-E Storyboards
(see also:
Design With A Purpose; The Shot Tells The Story)

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