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The Role of Media in Politics/Elections:
Helping Students Understand Media’s Influence

Frank Baker, Media Educator ©2007-2019


Increasingly today, getting elected means skillful use of the media by the candidates to get their message across. Politicians now employ experts in social media, marketing, advertising and TV to convey their messages to voters, sometimes spending millions of dollars in the process.

It is critically important that students, our future voters and leaders, learn to understand the role and influence of media in the political process. (Do your students understand, for example, what constitutes Dark Money, what Super PACS are, or  Campaign Finance Reform efforts?)

To that end, many state standards for Social Studies and Citizenship include the need for students to understand how media influences politics and decision making.

This website is devoted primarily to the 30-second campaign “spot” so common in American elections. The site is designed to provide teachers with the tools they need to introduce political campaign advertising to their students. Another goal is to assist teachers who want to help their students become aware of the unique techniques of persuasion used in these ads. To start, click the Background/Introduction/Standards link in the left hand column.

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Ideas/Readings/Activities for Teaching The Election
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Recommended Book for Middle & High Schools:
Political Campaigns & Political Advertising: A Media Literacy Guide
Bringing media literacy tools to bear on political campaign coverage and political advertising just as the Internet explodes as a political force, this book will help students and older citizens negotiate the age of political spin. Amazon reviewer: “This is an excellent, easy-to-understand, well-illustrated book on political communications.”


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