Deconstructing Cigarette Ads in a Counter Advertising Workshop

Frank Baker,
media educator


Thank You For Smoking
(theatrical release late Winter-early Spring 2006)
Satirical comedy follows the machinations of Big Tobacco’s chief spokesman, Nick Naylor, who spins on behalf of cigarettes while trying to remain a role model for his twelve-year-old son. (description from
Pack of Lies reveals, with powerful insider information, the deception of tobacco industry claims that they do not seek to addict children to nicotine. It provides important analytical background from which, available from Media Education Foundation
Read more about it here.
In Deadly Persuasion, The Advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco, Jean Kilbourne exposes the manipulative marketing strategies and tactics used by the tobacco and alcohol industries to keep Americans hooked on their dangerous products. Illustrating her analysis with hundreds of advertising examples, Kilbourne casts a critical eye on the corporate interests that lie behind the industries whose products kill more than 450,000 Americans each year. available from Media Education Foundation, read more about it here
Tapping into this rich tradition, Making a Killing, a new documentary from award-winning filmmakers Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold, and Infact, the executive producer of Academy Award winner Deadly Deception, exposes Philip Morris’s deadliest abuses.  The half-hour documentary reveals the burning truth about how the tobacco giant–a $62 billion corporation uses its political power, size and promotional expertise to spread tobacco addiction internationally, leaving in its wake a trail of death and destruction. Read more here.
MediaSharpSM is an important new tool to help middle- and high school youth evaluate those messages and make healthy, life-saving choices. Center for Disease Control’s MediaSharpSM kit includes an entertaining 7-minute video and an easy-to-follow teacher’s guide loaded with activities, handouts, and discussion topics. Read more here.

Discovery Health Network  Smoke Signals — In record numbers, teens are using tobacco, from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco. Parents, doctors and teachers focus on getting these kids out of the habit before they are locked into a lifelong addiction.Lesson Plan

Blowing Away Big Tobacco’s Big Lies Media Literacy for Tobacco Prevention and Reversing Addiction in our Compulsive Culture (both produced by NMMLP) listed on website

Media Literacy for Health: Teens Talk Back (New Mexico Media Literacy Project) website

The Teen Files: Smoking: Truth or Dare  Website  Teacher Guide

In The Mix (PBS) Smoking: The Truth Unfiltered (check your local station to determine when this episode might be airing)  Website

Corporate Deceit: Big Tobacco’s Target and Rebelling Against Tobacco Ads(both produced by Dr.Peter DeBenedittis listed on website)

Ad Libbing  It (United Learning) Website

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