Deconstructing Cigarette Ads in a Counter Advertising Workshop

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Teachers: please select one or more of these timely news articles for your students to read. Each provides a unique aspect to the tobacco story. Some concentrate on media; others provide resources for you to use.

Kids exposed to tobacco ads online likelier to smoke
‘Power walls’ of tobacco products, ads attract both smokers & nonsmokers
FDA set to launch $115 million anti-tobacco ad campaign targeting teen smokers
Viacom wants anti-tobacco ads on MTV, Comedy Central
Media Literacy May Trump Anti-Smoking Lessons

Teens Influenced By Images Of Smoking On Social Media
Most US youth exposed to tobacco advertising in stores
Every 10 tobacco ad sightings boost teens’ risk of starting to smoke by almost 40%
Health Groups Protest Camel Crush Cigarette Ads
Media Literacy Programs Prevent Youth Smoking and Drinking
Despite federal ban, tobacco ads continue to lure teen smokers
Teens exposed to tobacco ads more likely to smoke (study)
Anti-Smoking Ads With Strong Arguments Work Best (Study)
New anti-tobacco ads for African American market unveiled

Tobacco companies ordered to advertise smoking risk
Tobacco Advertising and Sales Falling, FTC Reports
On-screen smoking may turn teens on to cigarettes
Stanford Study: Tobacco Ads Target Disadvantaged Communities, Kids
Anti-Tobacco TV Ads Help Adults Stop Smoking, Study Finds
Tobacco advertising on the rise again
Senator calls for tobacco-less baseball; more anti tobacco ads
Are Tobacco Companies Still Targeting Kids?
CDC unveils graphic ads to combat smoking
Ads Encourage Youth Smoking, Report Says/Link to Report

Clear Link Between Films and Teen Smoking
Adweek Examines Newport Cigarette Ad Campaigns Past & Present
Tobacco displays increase the odds of teens becoming smokers
Social Media Makes Kids More Likely To Drink, Smoke, Do Drugs, Study Says

Kids Who Watch R Rated Movies At Risk For Smoking
Plain truth deters teens from smoking
Tobacco Use Glamorized in Music Videos and Song Lyrics
Big Tobacco Using YouTube To Shill Products?
Media detective’ tool empowers children to skirt alcohol and tobacco marketing
‘Step Forward’ Seen in Limiting Smoking Scenes in Films / Rated R for smoking?
Point-of-sale tobacco ads major cause of teen smoking: Study
New Bold Warnings on Tobacco Ads
FDA Unveils Rules Restricting Tobacco Advertising To Kids
Study: Camel No. 9 cigarette ads appeal to teen girls
Up in Smoke: Give Movies With Tobacco an Automatic ‘R’

Tobacco companies advertise through social networks
Major cigarette makers sue over new tobacco law
Court Smokes Out Tobacco Company’s Cartoon Ad (news story; ad)
Team Sports Can’t Compete With Films to Keep Kids From Smoking
Researcher: good/bad movie characters influence teens to smoke
Ad Industry Fights Tobacco Bill
Challenge Likely for Law Limiting Tobacco Ads to Black-and-White Text
ANA Mounts Suit to Block Tobacco Legislation
Tobacco Regulation Is Expected to Face a Free-Speech Challenge
Shocking images deter cigarette smokers: WHO
Cigarettes in Popular Films Are Target of Health Groups
Negative Tobacco Industry Ads Could Reduce Smoking
Smoking in the Movies: Under-the-Radar Cigarette Advertising?
Cigarettes in “He’s Just Not That Into You” Stir Anger at Studio
New CDC Study Shows Tobacco Marketing Influences Kids
Tobacco Companies Targeting Teens, Study Says

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